learn the rule: your / you're

  • your is a possessive adjective, indicating ownership of something
    • That is your sock.
    • Where is your potato?
  • you're is a contraction (combination) of you and are
    • Do you know what you're doing?
    • You're stupid.
  • The two are not interchangeable.
  • Getting it wrong makes you look stupid. And ugly.

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Fucktheenglishpeoplehaha said Fuck your english language . Reply

Levi Ackerman said Holy Christ, and I thought EREN over here was dumb. Reply

Poopsy said 8=D Reply
» Levi Ackerman replied I prefer the 10 meter. Reply

Sam said I love your site, but would you please add one more "idiot box"? My boss thinks that "tooken" is a word, as in "we should have tooken that with us". I'm assuming that this was considered cute when she was a kid growing up in "Hicksville" (NM), but makes her sound extremely STUPID as an adult!! Reply

XX_MLG_Quickscoper_Xx said I do my best to drown out the opinions of my less intelligent friends. They will never make me mock-up your and you're! Reply

Shayan said said your ugly. their i said something Reply

Don't Touch That! said aaaaaaaa its SCREAMING, SCREAMING!!! Reply

Bob said You are site is very cool Reply

H said h


Cucumber Dildo said i like you're potatos Reply
» Levi Ackerman replied Cucumber Dildo eh? What time what place? Reply

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your stupid lol


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