learn the rule: your / you're

  • your is a possessive adjective, indicating ownership of something
    • That is your sock.
    • Where is your potato?
  • you're is a contraction (combination) of you and are
    • Do you know what you're doing?
    • You're stupid.
  • The two are not interchangeable.
  • Getting it wrong makes you look stupid. And ugly.

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Andy Frank said I have alot of frustration everytime I read bad grammar, its everywhere on the internet, and it seems like theres noway to improve it's quality. People are to used too there bad writing habits. Reply

Hahahah said These comments are hilarious. Reply

You said love this lol

RedCoreZero said Perfect 10/10 Reply

StraitXXJacket said Most self ironic idiot example:
[quote StraitXXJacket said:]
really...? you misspelled 'moment'... if you're going to represent you're company don't come off as a moron


Bs said Someone has seriously made a website for this? Ppls needs to be less uptight abawt da grammar, where ur heads at? Btw "ur" is interchangeable, google it :) Reply

Sarcasm said ok yes when typing a job reseme you definitely want to put "ur"

Mike Jones said old saying: There isn't any word in English that can't be verbed.

Ola said Finally, a perfect website for my needs of bitching about grammar =) Reply

Zoe G said Oh just use 'ur' and that is the end of any argument. Makes any grammar police officials look petty and condescending correcting you then ð Reply

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