learn the rule: your / you're

  • your is a possessive adjective, indicating ownership of something
    • That is your sock.
    • Where is your potato?
  • you're is a contraction (combination) of you and are
    • Do you know what you're doing?
    • You're stupid.
  • The two are not interchangeable.
  • Getting it wrong makes you look stupid. And ugly.

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Lol said ur stoopid xDDDDDDDDDDD Reply

Ryryryryryryryryryryryryry said Here's one that vexes me so much: Are vs Our.
A guy posted a picture with the caption, "Are house." Reply

Tom Cassell said Fuck this generation... Reply

Lynny said I don't understand how people can get those two words mixed up. "Here's your fuck that you wanted because you're stupid." Reply

BlaBla said alot :D Reply

Douche said your going to get it! Reply

Walrus said My mustache is godly. Reply

Yar said RIP you're, let's hold a funeral. :( Reply

Greyfeather said This generation is a failure. Reply

Jilliebean said OH!!! Sorry "Ann Frank!"
That was intentional!
Oops! Reply

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your stupid lol


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