learn the rule: bear with or bare with?

  • Bare with or bear with?
  • This is an idiomatic expression that means "please wait" or "hold on" [... while I check that for you.]
  • People commonly spell the bear/bare word incorrectly.
  • The correct spelling is bear with.
  • Spelling it bare would have an entirely different meaning; you might use it with someone you'd like to get very friendly with (i.e., naked.)
  • Bonus: you can also bear [something] in mind meaning to remember or be conscious of something. You can't bare in mind.
  • Double bonus: to bear [something] means to tolerate or accept something. There's no verb to bare (i.e. make naked) something.
  • To help remember, therefore, unless you're talking about being naked, the correct word is bear.
  • Getting it wrong is pretty easy. It still makes you look stupid. Bear that in mind.